School Districts

We currently serve the essential and academic needs of 10,000 underserved students in Public schools, spread across ten school districts from Kindergarten, through Middle and High school grade levels. We directly work with School Principals, Counselors and Family support Advocates to help these amazing children.

Embrace Shoreline Schools have partnered with Kinder Konnection to actively support the needs of  children in Shoreline schools. As a pilot project, Embrace Shoreline Schools is collaborating with Kinder Konnection to enable a program for other school districts in WA state. to follow in future.

We are seeking full-time volunteers for our Ambassador program for the school districts that we support today. Please reach out to us if you are passionate about creating a great future for the  homeless and underserved children .Choose from

1. Shoreline (Embrace Shoreline Schools)
2. Seattle Public Schools
3. Everett School District
4. Northshore School District
5. Bellevue School District
6. Highline Schools
7. Tacoma School District
8. Lake Washington School District
9. Marysville School District
10. Snohomish School District

Come on board with team Kinder Konnection !