Children shape the world. Education is foremost amongst all the tools that shape the life of a Child.

The goal of Kinder Konnection is to provide access to basic and essential needs of underprivileged children in public schools that will ensure effective school education. By supporting them to continue with their school Education,these young resilient minds develop a positive attitude of love and trust. This enables them to go on to live as caring and supportive adults, with access to College Education, workforce development and long-term employment. 

We dedicate this poem to the precious Children of the world who deserve the best in life !. These lines reflect the true spirit of Kinder Konnection.


Life on earth teaches

that kindness always reaches !

There is a little delay,

but blessings are on their way.

Children are one, differences none,

Humans with zeal, words that heal,

Hands that hold, hearts that love,

The Paradise is here, not above .

by Raji Ram