Our Story

Raji Ram, a teacher with Everett schools did independent donation drives during the winter holiday season for the underprivileged school children in Everett schools. Every December, she  collected gift cards and blessing backpacks with essential supplies from the families of her music students, neighbors and close friends.She distributed these to the underserved children in Everett schools for the last four years as part of Kinder Konnection project. Ladha Mohan who was independently involved in other social causes/organizations was a regular donor to the Kinder Konnection Project. We had a common goal towards supporting the underserved children in public schools and shared similar thoughts that brought three of us together. 

In the last four years, the December donation drives helped some of the under-served children, but we wanted to take this to the next level to benefit more children across all public schools in Washington State. So in 2017, the three friends came together and decided to start a charity for children and make education accessible to them regardless of their social and economic backgrounds. 

During this process, they discovered some key statistical information. According to the annual report by the Institute for Children, Poverty and Homelessness (ICPH):

Washington State has one of the highest levels of homeless students, and their numbers keep growing.

  • The number of homeless students in Washington State has grown by 30 percent from 2011-12 to 2014-15.
  • The homeless students are spread proportionately among cities, suburbs, towns and rural areas. About 43 percent live in urban school districts.

This information helped them define the organization’s goals. They decided to focus their efforts on underprivileged children, and provide all the basic and essential needs that will ensure effective school education. We collaborate and partner with the public school districts, KIT (Kids in Transition) and McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act programs and provide year-round support through several donation, book-drives and literacy programs.